Vet referral and registration form

Please complete the veterinary referral letter after reading the terms and conditions below.

Once we receive the completed form we will contact you to arrange your first appointment and discuss and plan a therapeutic hydrotherapy treatment schedule that meets the needs of your dog

Terms and Conditions
  • All animals treated at Maybridge canine hydrotherapy clinic must have a current signed veterinary referral form

  • Once we receive the signed form, we will contact you to arrange your first appointment and discuss and agree prices.

  • Your hydrotherapist will advise you on the length of the session

  • Please allow a 3 hour gap between feeding your dog and hydrotherapy session

  • Please ensure your dog arrives at the clinic as clean as possible

  • Please wear clean non-slip shoes as you will be in the pool area where water may be on the floor. High heels and open toe shoes are not allowed in the pool area.

  • Please ensure your dog has been to the toilet prior to the hydrotherapy session. We have a grassy area on site you can use. A charge of £100 will be made if your dog fouls in the pool as the pool will need to be closed for the rest of the day for cleaning

  • No animal with infectious or contagious conditions will be allowed to swim and all animals must be fully vaccinated

  • No animal in season will be allowed to swim

  • Please allow 48 hours after vaccination and 3 days after stitch removal unless otherwise advised by your veterinary surgeon.

  • Animals must be free from any vomiting or diarrhoea for 72 hours prior to a hydrotherapy session

  • Owners must notify Maybridge Hydrotherapy Clinic of any change in condition of the animal or if veterinary advice is for hydrotherapy to stop.

  • All sessions must be paid for in full at the end of each treatment session

  • For insurance claims please check what is covered prior to arrival

  • We require 24 hours notice for cancellation. Full payment will be required for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance

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