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What we offer

Therapy via weightlessness

Our canine hydrotherapy unit offers an environment where dog's health and movement is improved in a controlled and structured way.

We use warm sanitised water in our semi-sunken purpose built pool to deliver a fun and friendly experience for you and your pet, keeping the dog calm and relaxed at all times.

The water is beneficial for rehabilitation as it gently exerts force on the muscles to rebuild whilst not exerting any strain on the joints,


As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. That’s why we work with you and your dog on an individual basis to develop a personalised treatment plan to meet your dog's needs. Together we create a bond, building trust, confidence and a connection through movement enrichment techniques and therapeutic handling.

What we offer: Services
Maybridge Canine Hydrotherapy Clinic
  • A fully qualified, NARCH registered hydrotherapist

  • Purpose built semi sunken 4m x 3 m pool with gentle incline access ramp

  • Light and spacious pool room

  • Warm sanitised water (30 degrees C)

  • Shower and drying facilities

  • Welcoming reception area

  • Reassurance that there will be a vet onsite at all times.

  • Fully insured

  • Qualified hydrotherapist building personal relationships with you and your dog

  • Therapeutic handling ustilising full range of motion

  • Use of toys and treats ensures all sessions are fun and rewarding

  • Clinical enriching environment

Massage Therapy 
  • Massage and other manual therapy techniques can be used to rehabilitate muscular injury, provide pain management for orthopaedic conditions, support older dogs and help with mobility, release trigger points, improve posture and gait, improve behaviour and enhance performance. Our hydrotherapist also has a BSC (Hons) degree in animal therapy, so at maybridge we are able to provide massage and other manual therapies alongside hydrotherapy treatment, to achieve the best outcome for your pet.

Your Pet’s Health is in Good Hands

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